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3A Antioxidants offers all types of natural and synthetic raw materials such as antioxidants, preservatives, vitamins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, polarity modifiers, chelating agents, thickeners, chemical and oil based excipients, and excipients of plant origin ...

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  E-160(d) - Lycopene
  E-160ii - Beta-carotene
  E-161(b) - Lutein
  E-223 - Sodium metabisulphite
  E-234 - Nisin
  E-235 - Natamycin
  E-270 - Lactic acid
  E-280 - Propionic acid
  E-300 - Ascorbic acid
  E-301 - Sodium ascorbate
  E-302 - Calcium ascorbate

* E-304- Ascorbyl palmitate
* E-306 - Natural Tocopherol extract (average of 50-70%, 90% in liquid form, and 30% and 50% in powdered form)
* E-310 - Propyl Gallate
* E-316 - Sodium Erythorbate
* E-319 - Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)
* E-320 - BHA: Butylated-hydroxy-anisole
* E-321 - BHT: Butylated-hydroxytoluene

  E-322 – Lecithin
  E-327 Calcium Lactate
  E-330 - Citric acid
  E-331(iii) - Trisodium citrate
  E-334 - Tartaric acid
  E-337 - Potassium sodium tartrate
  E-338 - Phosphoric acid
  E-392 - Extract of rosemary
  E-412 - Guar gum
  E-415 - Xanthan gum
  E-422 - glycerine
  E-440(i) - Pectin
  E-459 - Beta-Cyclodextrin
  E-471 - Diglycerides and mono-diglycerides from fatty acids
  E-472(a) - Acetic esters from diglycerides and mono-diglycerides from fatty acids
  E-472(b) - – Lactic esters from diglycerides and mono-diglycerides of fatty acids
  E-920 - L-Cysteine
  E-1520 – Propylene glycol
  Essential oils
  Omega-3 Fatty acids
  Extract of grape seeds
  Extract of Green tea
  Vitamin A
  Vitamin D3



3A Antioxidants is a company that specializes in the manufacture of synergetic mixes of natural and synthetic preservatives and antioxidants, which they then market and distribute in both liquid and powder form.

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