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Bulk animal feed

Animal feed - Bulk animal feed

Bulk animal feed

When bulk animal feed is manufactured, ingredients are used with a high proportion of lipids, animal fats or vegetable oils.

3A has developed a line of natural as well as synthetic antioxidants which are capable of:

- Extending the feed’s shelf-life

- Halting rancidity and oxidation   

- Preventing unpleasant smells and taste from developing

- Optimising feed production costs

- Improving animals’ health

- Improving palatability

Moreover, 3A also has synthetic and natural preservatives which can be used not only for spraying and disinfecting your installations, but also for the prevention of microbiological spoilage in the feed.


3A Antioxidants is a company that specializes in the manufacture of synergetic mixes of natural and synthetic preservatives and antioxidants, which they then market and distribute in both liquid and powder form.

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